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Slovakia’s Towercom has deployed CryptoGuard CAS to secure its nationwide DTT pay-TV service

February 16, 2021

CryptoGuard, a global provider of content security for digital TV and streaming video on any platform, announces that Towercom has deployed CryptoGuard CAS to secure its nationwide DTT pay-TV services.

Towercom is a privately owned TV and telecommunications operator based in Bratislava, Slovakia. The operators DTT network provides Free-to-Air and encrypted TV channels and covers 99% of Slovak population.

In Towercom’s process of developing its pay-TV business area, the operator required more flexibility in the selection of consumer devices and cost optimization while maintaining high security level. CryptoGuard team demonstrated the advanced features, scalability and simplicity in integration of the CAS fulfilling the requirements set out by the operator. The cost-effective and feature-rich CAS along with high security level and a wide range of consumer devices were the convincing factors for the operator to select CryptoGuard CAS.

“A good CAS vendor’s criterias are flexible platform, wide range of supported set-top-box vendors, good connections in the pay-TV business, professionalism, certified security and with great price policy. We have found everything in CryptoGuard” said Gabriel Balla, Chief Innovation Officer at Towercom.

Krzysztof Wieczorek, Sales Director CEE & CIS at CryptoGuard commented “I am very happy to be working with Towercom and with our new presence in Slovakia. Our CAS solution provides Towercom with a modern technology platform and cost-effective business model.”

Kjell Carlswärd, CEO at CryptoGuard added “Towercom is the latest addition of major operators to select CryptoGuard CAS for their content security needs. This proves the appeal of a feature-rich and cost-effective CAS platform while maintaining top-level security. CryptoGuard CAS will also offer Towercom a wide range of client devices and modern features enhancing the viewer experience.”

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