Conditional Access System including SMS

CryptoGuard’s CAS is one of the most flexible and secure Pay-TV content protection solutions in the market today offering low entry cost and an attractive pay-as-you-grow business model. The system is ideal for securing any size of network and can scale from few hundreds to millions of subscribers.

CryptoGuard CAS has been audited by Farncombe (Cartesian) and utilizes advanced security for both Card-less and Card-based solutions to avoid device cloning, control word sharing or any other piracy threats. CryptoGuard always uses state-of-the-art EAL5+ certified smartcard chips.

CryptoGuard CAS includes SMS and is a feature-rich solution with open architecture and APIs for integration with third party systems, such as business applications, billing, CRM, EPG, data-mining etc. The future-oriented CAS supports any business model, includes SMS and can be extended with DRM and OTT for anywhere, any screen viewing experience.

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Digital Rights Management

CryptoGuard’s Multi-DRM Solution offers any size OTT operator to cost-effectively manage content rights towards users and devices from the CryptoGuard head end. The settings of OTT functions such as Start Over TV, Catch Up TV, limiting the number of simultaneous devices etc. are easily managed together with the broadcasted live TV streams.

The solution supports DRM formats including Google-Widevine, Apple-FairPlay and Microsoft-PlayReady enabling a highly secure content delivery. These DRMs are natively supported by the browser, mobile device or set top box and are approved by major studios. The DRM supports DASH, MPEG4 and HLS profiles, on the fly encryption and online & offline viewing.

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IPTV Module

CryptoGuard’s CAS core server is upgradeable with an IPTV module software that enables deployment of cost-effective encrypted linear IPTV services over multicast IP networks.

The IPTV module provides basic services (Channel list, EPG and EMMs for CAS) to IPTV set-top boxes without requiring any costly third-party IPTV middleware. All DVB and IPTV services are seamlessly managed from the CAS core server.

The solution offers a wide selection of IPTV set-top boxes, from pure zapper boxes to more advanced boxes supporting also Android and OTT services.

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End-to-End OTT Solution | CryptoLITE

CryptoLITE is a complete end-to-end OTT solution which includes all processing and distribution of OTT broadcast streams to end-user devices such as mobiles, STB’s and PC’s. The entire OTT solution is supplied by CryptoGuard and is cost-effective and quick to deploy. CryptoLITE OTT system has superb scaling capability with a pay-as-you-grow business model, ideal for any size operator.

The solution offers enhanced viewer experience with advanced TV features such as Live-TV, Time shifting, Catchup, Start-over, nPVR and VOD. The DRM formats including Google-Widevine, Apple-FairPlay and Microsoft-PlayReady are supported enabling a highly secure content delivery. These DRMs are natively supported by the browser, mobile device or set-top box and are approved by major studios.

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OTT Starter Package

CryptoLITE OTT Starter Package is pre-integrated and includes everything needed to set up an OTT service – processing and distribution of streams, management system, DRM content protection for iOS & Android and user’s apps.

The cost effective and quickly installed system enables operators of all sizes to start their OTT services, even with low number of users.

The system is on-the-fly upgradable as the number of users and services grow.

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