We asked our customers "Why did you choose CryptoGuard?"

Sappa, Sweden

“The deciding factor for choosing CryptoGuard was the low entry costs and a ready to use SMS.CryptoGuard is a stable, future-proof and well-functioning system, but still flexible enough to give us many opportunities for customization. The company consists of competent staff with high sense of service that are always quick to give feedback and to solve any problems that might occur.”

Radijus Vektor, Serbia

"Radijus Vektor has chosen CryptoGuard CA system because of cost-effective business model which is based on affordable TCO. We can use CryptoGuard CAS for any PayTV service, e.g. DVB-C and IPTV - single encryption server for many kinds of encryption services. The wide range of STB and CAM module Partners gives us flexibility to choose the best for us. Final reason is good and fast support."

Kopernikus, Serbia

"Kopernikus chose CryptoGuards CAS system because of the good conditions, high quality, flexibility, user friendly customer interface regarding work on the system and complete integration of all needed functionalities."

Satcon, Guinea, Liberia & Gabon

“We have chosen CryptoGuard CAS in comparison with the majority of other competitors.The cooperation with CryptoGuard is amazing. CryptoGuard is a flexible, cost-effective and reliable CAS alternative in the market.”


Content Generation Ltd, Tanzania

“We at CGL are excited to work with CryptoGuard as they are cost effective, also they provide a package inclusive of CAS, SMS & EPG unlike others whereby SMS and EPG is provided by companies other than CAS provider. CryptoGuard system empowers end users to be self reliant as they provide wide range of configurations which can be applied to the system enabling our viewers to enjoy high quality digital programming and value added services.”

CGL Tanzania

Digiana, India

"CryptoGuard CAS is one of the most reliable and stable CA Systems. Also providing high quality product and user friendly interface. This is why CryptoGuard has been our first choice for secured CA System."

Mauli Nadeem Cable, India

"CryptoGuard was our first clear choice because of the good support, scalability and rich features. We are happy with the CryptoGuard CA system."

Blueline, Madagascar

“CryptoGuard was chosen for its reliability, power and manageability. Thanks to this new CAS, we strengthen the security of our content and we offer a better customer experience to our subscribers. The CryptoGuard user interface and functionality is making the work for both technicians and the customer care staff much more efficient.”


Elsat & Sileman, Poland

“We chose CryptoGuard because it is more cost-effective than the other CAS that we are using. It also allows us to develop new services in our company. At the moment we have 10% of our customers on CryptoGuard, and the number that is migrated is continuously growing. CryptoGuard works on Linux, so we have full control over it, and it can be installed on almost any hardware, even virtual. The implementation of CryptoGuard was very quick and efficient. CryptoGuard is a very flexible system and the API allowed full integration of our customer management system in just a few days.”

Sristi, India

"We have chosen CryptoGuard because of the high quality secured system and scalability, CryptoGuard is providing Sristi local partners with a strong business model to grow with and support for new advanced technology."