CryptoGuard DRM and OTT

CryptoGuard is the first CAS and DRM vendor that has developed a solution making it affordable to establish a high quality OTT solution both towards technology and through content delivery networks. 

CryptoGuard is offering the next generation of DRM with support of native DRM systems like iOS Fairplay, Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady. These DRM systems are approved by major content providers like Hollywood studios and major TV stations. All current Android, iOS and Microsoft devices are supported, such as smart phones, tablets, flat screen TV sets and PC/ MAC / Laptops. The operator will have one place to administer all rights for all content.

For example one content provider does not allow catch-up TV, another only allows content to be viewed on two devices simultaneously and the third content provider only allows Set Top Boxes and Microsoft PlayReady. Easy integration tools makes it possible for the operator to select any transcoder, packager, origin server, middleware server or OTT end to end solution provider. When selecting CryptoGuard, the cost for DRM on user devices is low, development of the OTT solution becomes easier, and cost on headend equipment and content delivery networks are reduced dramatically.

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