Conditional Access System

The Complete Package - CAS & SMS

CryptoGuard is a flexible Conditional Access System (CAS) for digital television. We are using a high grade encryption scheme to meet the demands of service providers, broadcasters and operators. Our solution works well in all kinds of and any size of network. However the business model facilitates even for smaller and medium sized operators to use the system.

CryptoGuard is a complete package including high security Conditional Access System (CAS) and Subscriber Management System (SMS) for DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-IPTV. The SMS allows you to handle subscribers, smart cards, ordering, customer care, billing etc. and you can encrypt multiple signals separately or simultaneously.

We are offering an affordable solution with low start-up cost, which makes us a viable option for any size of service provider. Based on proven technology and operating systems - we can provide the reliable and stable system that our customers expect. CryptoGuard will help you to monetize your network without taking any financial risk.

Hosted Solution

CryptoGuard CAS, SMS and IP are well suited for hosted solutions. The CAS and SMS can be separated physically, and you can connect an SMS with multiple CAS (in physical sub networks). You can also connect a number of SMS with one CAS (distributed hosted solution). You can rent a hosted CryptoGuard service from one of our hosting partners or you can set up a hosted solution yourself and then rent out to others.

Cardless Solution

CryptoGuard is also available as a cardless solution with the security built into the tam per proof secure execution vault inside the chipset, provided by major chip vendors for low end, high end and also hybrid Set Top Boxes. Cardless Set Top Boxes can be deployed in any kind of DVB operation such as cable, satellite and terrestrial. CryptoGuard also supports hybrid Set Top Boxes supporting DVB for broadcast content and Internet for OT T content as well as pure IPTV Set Top Boxes.

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Subscriber Management System

SMS with full funcionality & flexibility

CryptoGuard has developed its own unique Subsriber Management System with full functionality and flexibility. The SMS allows you to handle subscribers, smart cards, ordering, customer care, billing etc.