Products and Solutions


Security is a top priority for us. We make sure our components are certified and uses our long experience in hardware solutions to stay ahead of the competition. CryptoGuard uses the standard determined by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) nr ETSI TS 101 197 V1.3.


CryptoGuard is an access control system for digital television. As an operator for cable-TV you can be sure that only your paying customers are able to view your TV-channels. CryptoGuard uses a high grade encryption scheme to meet the demands of service providers today. CryptoGuard can be used for satellite-TV, cable-TV, terrestrial TV and IPTV. Your customer only needs a smart-card from CryptoGuard that is used together with a compatible receiver for digital television.


We offer a solution with low start-up costs which makes it a viable option even for all sizes of service providers. CryptoGuard is based on proven technology and operating systems to ensure that we can provide the reliable and stable system our customers expect. Contact our Sales team to find our more about a suitable solution for you.


PSI / SI Inserter PSI / SI inserter describes to the recipients how the network is constituted. CryptoGuard CAS can hereby configure channel lists, frequency tables and the program guide. Data is generated to recipients as NIT, SDT, SDT other, TDT, TOT and EIT tables.
API The CryptoGuard SMS is based on a MySQL database and Linux. The architecture is open and there is a full set of APIs available for integration with third party systems, such as business applications, billing, CRM, data-mining etc.
EPG The CryptoGuard EPG server is divided in two parts, one server that is installed with the CAS and SMS and one central database that collects and distributes the EPG information to EPG customers.
End user Login Module This module makes it possible for your end user to login and view their own profile, order new subscriptions and PPV as well as viewing their invoice history.
ECM - Card number and/or IRD number can be displayed on the screen, on chosen services, to be able to track recorded copyrighted material.
EMM - Card number and/or IRD number can be displayed on the screen, on chosen card numbers, to be able to track recorded copyrighted material.
Force Tuning Module With this module it is possible to force the STB to tune to a specific service at a specific time.
OTA This module makes it possible to upgrade the software of your STB’s and CA modules Over-The-Air.
Economy module This module is used to export invoice rows from CryptoGuard’s SMS system to your own billing system. A customized solution can be made according to your requirements.
Reseller A custom designed page for resellers to add new customers, cards and subscriptions and also for printing signable customer contracts.
ECM Redundancy Additional ECM servers can be installed working redundant to each other, meaning if scrambler loses contact with main ECM server, it automatically connects to the spare server and vice versa.
Messaging With this module you are able to send long messages, up to 2048 characters, to a STB. It is possible to schedule when they are sent, choose to which service, force their appearance and set the duration of the message.
Reports This module makes it possible to view current and historical statistics of activations, subscriptions, customers, channels and other parts of the system. It is also simple to ad custom made reports.
Subserver When your network extends over a larger geographic area with different frequency tables or if you have several head ends, it can be necessary to separate components from the main server. An example is an additional PSI/SI server.