CryptoGuard is celebrating – 10 years of excellence!

CryptoGuard is a leading Swedish provider of CAS and DRM. In addition CryptoGuard has a complete and highly affordable end-to-end OTT solution. In 2017, the company is celebrating its 10th year of securing content for providers and operators worldwide.
The successful journey began in 2007 when CryptoGuard was founded in Luleå in Sweden and launched its Conditional Access System (CAS) tailored for the Swedish Cable-TV market. Due to the analogue switch-off, regulations required cable operators to encrypt their content and numerous small operators faced serious concerns as the existing CAS alternatives were very expensive. CryptoGuard CAS proved to have the right pricing, high security level and scalability for any size of network which resulted in 70% of Swedish cable operators using CryptoGuard CAS in 2010. The successful introduction in Sweden lead to CryptoGuard’s expansion into the international market and continued product development to meet the demands from major operators and broadcasters worldwide.
In recent years CryptoGuard experienced a substantial growth and today CryptoGuard CAS has been deployed in more than 50 countries, with a number of national broadcasters. CryptoGuard is well positioned with sales offices on three continents and with an extensive partner ecosystem.
”I am very proud of CryptoGuard’s success journey! During 2017 we have strengthen our global presence even further. CryptoGuard will continue development of our Smart, Secure and Affordable product portfolio for next-generation TV services and strengthen our position as the most affordable CAS.” Kjell Carlswärd, CEO CryptoGuard

Kjell Carlswärd, CEO CryptoGuard

Securing Content Revenue for Pay-TV Operators

- Deployments in more than 50 countries -